The Different Types of Eczema and How to Treat Them

An estimated 31.6 million Americans deal with the uncomfortable effects of eczema.  Are you one of them? If you or your child is suffering from itchy, red, and irritated skin, eczema could be the likely culprit.  But, did you know there are different types of eczema? If you don’t realize which type you have, you … Continued

7 Tips About How to Do First Aid for Cuts

If you can remember your ABCs, you can easily remember the first aid basics. The ABCs stand for airways, breathing, and CPR. But what about first aid for cuts?  If someone needs first aid for a cut, how do you treat that cut? What kind of bandage do you use? But understanding how to do first … Continued

Telemedicine 101: A Quick Guide to Better Understanding Telemedicine Services

As telemedicine continues to grow, 91% of healthcare facilities are expected to offer telemedicine services by the end of 2020. Telemedicine is a new, innovative way of seeing and treating patients. Because of its many benefits, telemedicine services are becoming more available. If you’re interested in learning more about telemedicine services, keep reading. We’ll tell … Continued

Purpose of EKG: When Do You Need One?

Did you know that as many as half of Americans have some form of heart disease? If you’re worried about taking care of your heart, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having regular medical checkups can help prevent heart attacks and other life-threatening conditions. Even if you’re diligent about eating well and exercising, heart issues can … Continued

Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke: What You Need to Know

Since the 1960s, extreme heat is more common than extreme cold. We’re dealing with unprecedented — and dangerous — high temperatures. Sunburns are bad enough, but you also have to worry about heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Not sure what the difference is between them? It’s important to spot the differences and stay safe in the … Continued

5 Tips for Staying Cool When Exercising in the Heat

Exercising is a great way to challenge your body. And when the temperature is hot, the additional challenge from the sun can expose you to heat-related illnesses. Take cover and read on to discover five safe practices for staying cool when exercising in the heat. Safety Tips When Exercising in the Heat Don’t make your … Continued