5 Ways of Treating Cold and Flu

cold and flu

When cold and flu season strikes, it’s helpful to be as healthy as possible. Everyone will, at some point in their life, discover how awful these viral infections can be, and do everything to avoid repeating the whole ordeal.

So what is your greatest defense?

Living an active lifestyle that encourages a healthy immune system and these incorporating these five great resources for when you feel that cold or flu invading your body. 

1. Alliums

Alliums are a part of the lily family. This includes onion and garlic, which are your greatest allies for fighting the cold and flu.

For centuries, onions and garlic have been used as medicine. Garlic has been worshipped, used to ward off evil, and was commonly eaten raw by athletes before participating in the Olympics. 

These two beautiful remedies can be used in a variety of different ways, together or separately:

  • Soup – Make a soup using chicken broth and load it with onions, garlic, and ginger
  • Poultice – This folk remedy has stood the test of time and should be added to your cold and flu arsenal of remedies
  • Pickled – Pickled onion and garlic contain the same beneficial properties without the sting to your eyes of eating them raw

Bonus tip: Ginger root has been proven to alleviate symptoms of cough and cold as well as an amazing nausea treatment. 

2. Echinacea

This powerful herbaceous flower is a part of the daisy family. It has documented use by Native Americans over 400 years ago. Science has caught up, however, and this study shows that adding this to your body can help reduce the risk of cold or flu.

When cold and flu season rolls around, you can easily add this to your daily diet through teas, tinctures, or supplements. 

Bonus tip: Add honey to your echinacea tea for an added antimicrobial boost to your body. 

3. Probiotics

If you haven’t heard this already, then it’s time: Your gut is your second brain. A healthy gut promotes a healthy immune system. 

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help your body to absorb nutrients, which helps to boost your immune system, gives you glowing skin, and makes your tummy happy. You can easily add probiotics to your diet through yogurt (no sugar), fermented foods, or supplements.  

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4. Vitamin C

This one is a classic. Vitamin C with added zinc will help your body to absorb all the wonderful benefits of this immune-boosting vitamin.

Try adding fresh fruits and veggies loaded with vitamin C to your diet during cold and flu season. 

Try broccoli, brussels sprouts, thyme, parsley, kale, kiwi, lemon, lychee, and many more!

5. Steamy Showers and Baths

If you’re uncomfortably clogged and stuffy, then the best way to open up your sinuses is with steam. If you have access to a steam room, this would be an amazing way to utilize the remedy.

If not, then a shower or bath should do the trick. Even a pot of boiling water over the stove will suffice to relieve your cold and flu symptoms.

Bonus tip: Try adding herbs like lavender, eucalyptus, or mullein to baths or pots of boiling steamy water!

Fight the Cold and Flu 

The best defense we have is to stay as healthy as possible, informed, and hydrated. If you are experiencing symptoms, be aware of and check out the difference between cold and flu here

Both are viruses, and the best defense against a virus is to make your body inhospitable by being as healthy as possible. These five natural treatments have many cross-over benefits to other areas in your life. Incorporate them into your daily lifestyle and stress less over cold and flu season.

Don’t wait any longer to feel better! 

If you are sick and would like to see a professional, then look no further than Emerald Coast Urgent Care. Reach out for the answers you need, or visit one of our clinics.

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