A closeup image of a doctor holding a patient’s arm in their hand while examining and pointing to a bruise near their elbow.

How Do You Know When a Bruise is Serious?

Everyone gets bruises at some point in their lives. Most times, they’re nothing to worry about outside of the minor pain or unsightly marking it leaves behind.  Bruises typically have no underlying conditions associated with…

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A woman sits on her sofa, tilting her head and rubbing her neck with one hand while wincing in pain.

Four Ways to Treat Muscle Strain

Muscle strains can hit any one of us. From kids to adults and athletes to the elderly, muscle strains don’t discriminate. They are caused by various reasons but most often due to an accident or…

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A close-up of someone placing a bandage on the arm of an elderly woman.

How to Tell When a Cut is Infected

Cuts and scrapes are common for most of us, especially children. Although typically not considered harmful or alarming, every time we get a cut, it opens us up to the possibility of developing an infection…

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