5 Signs You should go to Emerald Coast Urgent Care for the Flu

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Should you go to Emerald Coast Urgent Care for the flu? Yes!

Each year, thousands of patients pour into urgent care offices and emergency rooms in hopes of getting some relief.

There are times when the flu becomes a life-threatening situation, so if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should seek medical treatment immediately at Emerald Coast Urgent Care.

1. You Have Difficulty Breathing

The flu brings many unwanted symptoms, but a shortness of breath shouldn’t be one of them. If you have trouble breathing, it could be a sign of something more serious, such as pneumonia or asthma.

Head straight to Emerald Coast Urgent Care if you’re having trouble breathing.

2. You Have Persistent or Severe Vomiting

Not being able to keep water or food down is a serious problem. Excessive vomiting could lead to dehydration, rapid weight loss, or loss of electrolytes.

If you have persistent or severe vomiting, you may need to be admitted to receive fluids through an IV.

3. Your Flu Symptoms Start to Improve, Then Worsen

It can seem like an answered prayer when flu symptoms finally start to improve. But if those gradual improvements quickly turn worse, you may feel worse than before.

In many cases, flu symptoms return with a vengeance. You might experience a cough or fever that you didn’t have before.

If this is the case, you should go to Emerald Coast Urgent Care immediately.

4. Your Fever Doesn’t Drop

Fevers in adults are usually around 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If your fever won’t go away, even after using over-the-counter medications, it could be a sign that you’re fighting an infection.

5. You Have Chest or Abdominal Pain

When you have the flu, your entire body suffers. General achiness is normal, but pain specific to your chest or abdomen is not.

This type of pain could be a sign that something worse is going on in your body.

Should You Go to Urgent Care for the Flu?

If you have any of the five signs listed above, a trip to Emerald Coast Urgent Care is likely in order.

If you’re still wondering should you go to urgent care for the flu, give us a call and find out before you make the trip. We might be able to save you a trip and a medical bill, so you can save your strength and try to recover.

For more ways to stay healthy this flu season, visit our blog page.

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