Save Your Spot in Line for Urgent Care and Reduce Your Risks

Woman checking wait times on mobile phone

When you have an urgent healthcare concern, you need two things:

  • Quality, completely capable medical care 
  • Accessibility (walk-ins, convenient hours, open weekends, etc.)

At Emerald Coast Urgent Care, we’re making our excellent care even more convenient for you. Simply by visiting our Home page, you can:

  • See your wait time and your place in the queue
  • Reserve your spot in the queue
  • Get text notifications of changes in your wait time and place in line
  • Wait at home or in the car until you’re notified to come in
  • Limit your risk of exposure, infection and illness by not waiting with others in the clinic

In addition, you can reduce your total time in the clinic by completing your patient paperwork ahead of time and submitting it online. And even that is easier than ever. You can even submit your insurance information (securely) simply by snapping a photo of your insurance card.

Visit our Home page now and look for the Check-In Here box at the top right of the page! If you’d like to know more, call us today at 850-409-9171 for Destin, 850-403-6142 for Panama City Beach or 850-403-6212 for Inlet Beach.

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