Go to Urgent Care or Stay Home? Are Home Remedies for Ear Infections Effective?

home remedies for ear infections

Nausea, stabbing pain, hearing loss — ear infections are no fun. But should you go to Urgent Care or can you handle it at home?

And what if your child gets sick? Dealing with a little one who is suffering from an ear infection is just as painful for you as it is for them.

Are there any effective home remedies for ear infections? Let’s look at a few of them and learn when you can stay home and when to seek medical help.

Hot and Cold Compress

You know how good it feels when you have a fever and you place a cold washcloth on your forehead? Or after a long workout when you put a heating pad on an aching shoulder?

Hot or cold compresses can be effective earache remedies, too. You can alternate between both or stick with one if it feels better for you.

Cough Drops and Candy

Here’s a sweet solution to ear infection pain. Sucking on cough drops or candy could help take the pressure off of the tubes in your ears.

This is a temporary, short-term fix, but depending on your pain level, can be very effective. Don’t overdo it with too much candy and cause more pain in your teeth, though!

Garlic and Onions

Don’t like the sweet stuff? Garlic and onions have antimicrobial properties that might help manage infections.

It’s a good habit to eat these superfoods on a regular basis, not just when you have an ear infection. Of course, you’ll need to keep the mints handy.

OTC Pain Relievers

Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin are all useful in managing pain and fevers associated with ear infections. Most of the time, they can be used alongside antibiotics, too.

Make sure if you are taking other medicines that you ask your doctor if they’re safe to take. Always check with a medical professional before giving medicines to a child, even OTC ones.

Ear Drops

There are OTC pain relief ear drops and naturopathic ear drops you can find in local stores. if you decide to use them, read their instructions very carefully.

OTC drops usually contain a topical anesthetic to numb the ear. Naturopathic drops typically have an herbal solution blended with olive or another soothing oil.


When all else fails, try to take your mind off the pain. Now’s the time to try out a new craft or binge-watch a comforting show.

With kids, give them their favorite snack and put on a movie they love to watch. Coloring books and drawing supplies are other good ideas to keep them occupied.

Beyond Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear infections typically clear up in a week or two. If your pain lasts longer than a week or your fever won’t go away, seek medical help.

That goes the same for children. If they have a fever that lasts longer than a day or if they’re under two years old, talk to your pediatrician.

We hope these home remedies for ear infections help you with your pain. If you still need more guidance, reach out to us at any time.

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