Does My Cut Require a Trip to Urgent Care?

Accidents happen all the time. From a paper cut or skinned knee to the slip of a kitchen knife while chopping vegetables, almost everyone experiences a cut at some point in their lifetime. Most cuts are minimal, and some are so small and superficial that they barely bleed. Although most cuts can be treated at … Continued

Four Ways to Treat Muscle Strain

Muscle strains can hit any one of us. From kids to adults and athletes to the elderly, muscle strains don’t discriminate. They are caused by various reasons but most often due to an accident or muscle overuse. Ranging from minor to severe, muscle strains can instantly disrupt our day and stop us, quite literally, right … Continued

How to Tell When a Cut is Infected

Cuts and scrapes are common for most of us, especially children. Although typically not considered harmful or alarming, every time we get a cut, it opens us up to the possibility of developing an infection in our bodies that can lead to further complications if left untreated. If you have a cut that you believe … Continued

Where to get a Strep Test?

Strep throat is a common illness that affects people of all ages. It is most prevalent in children and teens between 5 and 15 years old. Close contact and interaction, such as sharing drinks or utensils, talking, sneezing, and coughing, are the fastest way this bacterial infection can spread from person to person. If you … Continued

What Does a Fever Mean?

A fever is a temporary increase in your internal body temperature and is a common side effect of certain illnesses, like the flu. When a person has a fever, it means their body is trying to heal itself. It usually isn’t a cause for concern in adults unless it reaches 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. … Continued

What Causes Ear Infections in Adults?

While it’s far more common for children to experience the painful symptoms of an ear infection, it’s very possible for adults to develop them as well. In some cases, adult ear infections may lead to more serious medical conditions as well (e.g., hearing loss, meningitis, brain abscess, ruptured eardrum, or facial paralysis), so it’s important … Continued

Can I Go to Urgent Care for Chest Pain?

If you or a loved one is experiencing any type of pain between the chin and abdomen, you might be wondering, “Can I go to urgent care for chest pain?” The answer is that it depends. While chest pain can be a sign of a serious cardiac condition, it can also be related to issues … Continued

I Just Threw My Back Out: What Should I Do?

Approximately 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. It is often the result of age, injury or surgery. Throwing your back out is a common phrase that people use when they’re experiencing sudden back pain, stiffness or discomfort. It’s a very common injury and can be caused by muscle … Continued

How Long Should It Take to Wash My Hands?

Mindful handwashing. It’s something more and more people are doing since the beginning of the pandemic, but why is it so important and how long should it take? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regular handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, prevent illness and stop the spread … Continued