Beat the Heat: 5 Things You Need to Know About Heat Stroke Recovery

According to the CDC, 8,081 heat-related deaths occurred within a span of 10 years. Of these, 94 percent occurred between May and September. Signs of heat exhaustion include: Muscle cramps Heavy sweating Dizziness Light-headedness Headaches Pale or cold skin Weakness or confusion Quickened heartbeat Dark-color urine (indicating dehydration) Nausea Vomiting The summer heat is going … Continued

What to Look for in Urgent Care in Destin, Florida

Did you know that there were a whopping 145.6 million visits made to U.S. emergency departments in 2016? That’s almost 400,000 visits per day! What’s even more surprising, though, is that only 8.7% of those visits led to hospitalization. One reason is that most ED visits are not actually emergencies. In fact, one study found … Continued

Top 5 Most Common Gym Injuries and How To Avoid Them

Going to the gym? Before you do, take a moment to learn a few important safety tips! Gym injuries are common and can cause you great pain, permanent disability, or even death. Most injuries are caused by gym equipment, but others are due to the gym-goers themselves. Such an injury may be due to improper technique, for … Continued

5 Ways to Treat Sun Poisoning

Sun poisoning is a step above a sunburn. It’s caused by intense and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Symptoms of sun poisoning include: Hives Red rash Intense sunburn Fatigue Nausea Blistered skin Vomiting A headache Dizziness These symptoms can range from acute to severe. If you suspect that you or a loved one has sun … Continued